Stud Suri Males Colour DOB Mating fee ($)  
Baarrooka Durango's Fleet Street SMF 04-Jun-15 990 including GST

Surilana Marathon SW 14-Jun-09 990 incl GST


Stud Huacaya Males Colour DOB Mating fee ($)  
Pitchingga Ridge Black Raider SBLK 12-Nov-08 770

Pitchingga Ridge Blackliner SBLK 31-Mar-10 880

Softfoot Llander WP SBLK 17-Mar-13 990 incl GST

Softfoot Timach MD (ET) SBLK 15-Jan-16 990 including GST


Mating fees in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.
Inspection of our males and their progeny is most welcome.
Mobile and Drive-Through services available.
Discounts apply for multiple matings.